Do's and Don'ts

Do's and Don'ts

DO know the location of your septic tank and drainfield.

Record with a photograph for future reference.

DO remember to have the septic tank pumped regularly.

Every four years for two residents in home, for each additional resident subtract one year.

DO know if there is an effluent filter and/or pump in your system.

Know how often your attention is needed for either unit.

Effluent filter requiring service.

DON'T plant trees, gardens or build structures over the septic tank or drainfield.

Maintenance and inspection can only be possible if accessible.


DON'T flush anything except toilet paper down your toilet.

Biodegradable Wipes and Baby Wipes must be put in trash, not flushed.

More items to toss not flush link to the Metro Vancouver website:

DON'T pour cooking grease, paint thinner, etc. down the drain.

Remember all drains go into the tank and septic field.


DO pump your septic tank annually if a garborator is installed in your home.

The compacted masses of food are not easily broken down in the septic tank.


DO practice water conservation.


DO divert perimeter drains and surface water away from drainfield.



DON'T drive or park vehicles on septic tank or drainfield.


DON'T use bleach and cleansers in excessive amounts.

Bleach - no more than one cup every three days

Phenolic cleansers - no more than half a cup every three days


Call a professional if you have notice the following; slow drains, gurgling sounds in the plumbing, odors, plumbing backups, surfacing sewage or wet spots in the drainfield.


Remember regular maintenance prevents costly problems - DON'T wait for problems.